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Have you ever wondered where you come from? 

Want to build your family tree?


Interested in finding long lost relatives or uncovering family secrets?


Need a specialist in Jewish genealogy?

Need to locate copies of New England records?

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We each have our own personal reasons to explore our roots. Whether you've been researching your family for years or are just getting started, I would

be privileged to help you in your search and find you answers. 

My passion is to help people explore their identities. I created this website to be able to reach out to all of you and provide a forum to offer my professional genealogical research services.

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Family History Research

Need help with your family tree? Dr. Adina uses her expertise to find the most accurate and detailed information available with particular specialties in New England, Jewish genealogy, and French Canadian heritage. Whether you're starting from scratch, need a second pair of eyes, or trying to overcome a brick wall in your research, Dr. Adina can assist you in building and expanding your family tree.


DNA Testing Analysis

Genetic genealogy is the latest in family research, using your DNA to learn more about your roots and find lost or unknown family members. But all the choices involved in testing can be confusing and mistakes can be frustrating and costly. Dr. Adina can help you navigate the various DNA testing services and interpret your results with advanced analysis techniques as well as third party tools.

Finding Lost Relatives

Hear stories growing up about family members you've never met? Perhaps you're adopted or recently learned your biological parent isn't who you thought. Understandably, locating family members can be overwhelming and emotional, especially if you don't know where to start. Dr. Adina guides you through the process of finding your family members. 

"I had been searching to find my Jewish paternal grandfather and paternal grandmother for over 20 years. With my aunts and uncles deceased and seemingly with no hope, I reached out to Dr. Adina.  Her work on my behalf has solved a lifelong issue and I have been able to achieve family closure by being able to visit the graves of both my grandfather and grandmother. Dr. Adina even traced my family history back generations and discovered that I had an aunt and uncle who died at childbirth who came over to the United States from Russia that I never knew existed. I am aware of generations of my family history. Thank you, “My Family Genie."

- Jay R.     Tampa, FL


"Dr. Adina was recommended by an acquaintance to help me locate information regarding my grandfather and his father's family. She has been extremely competent, prompt, and helpful. She was able to find information about my extended family that has eluded me for some time (years). Another positive regarding my experience with Dr. Adina has been her reasonable rate.

- Elizabeth L.     Waterbury, CT

"I got very stuck on a particular branch of my family tree and Dr. Adina quickly found an important missing piece of the puzzle! The spelling of my family member's name, both first and last,, was completely off and unknown to me, but it was definitely him. I couldn't believe it! Due to information I got from My Family Genie, I even found a new living relative from whom I am hoping to get even more information. Thanks so much for all your help!."

- Hannah A.     Boston, MA

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