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Looking Back on 2018 and New Year's Resolution

My Family Genie hasn't even been around for a full year, and I'm absolutely humbled by the support and success I've experienced. Genealogy is my passion, and I've enjoyed sharing my findings and helping others on their own journeys. I've found a great community among genealogists and Bravo TV enthusiasts alike, and I look forward to what 2019 will bring.

Some 2018 highlights:

-Launching the My Family Genie Website

-Working with several clients to build their family trees and interpret their DNA results

-Locating new family members, including new second cousins, and getting to know my family finds from 2017

-Locating the birth family of my second cousins' adopted father

-Interviewing with SK Translations (Click here to read)

-Being featured at Faces of NextGen Live (Click here to check out the video)

-Creating #BravoGenealogy

-Participating in #genealogyphotoaday and creating the December 2018 prompts

-2200+ Followers on Instagram

-800+ Followers on Instagram

-140+ Followers on Facebook

-Receiving amazing feedback from Bravolebs like Craig Conover and Tamra Judge on their family histories, and how it was meaningful for them.

-Receiving so much love and support! You guys make it all worth it!

2019 Resolutions:

-Blog at least twice a week

-Update the website with more content and opportunities

-Research and post about the family history of 10 Bravolebrity stars

-More Bravolebrity yearbook photos!

-At least double both my subscribers and client base

-Complete the Genealogical Research Certificate at Boston University

-Booking additional presentations and speaking engagements

-Attend at least one genealogy conference and/or institute

-Increase my social media followership: 4000 for Instagram, 1500 for Twitter, 250 for Facebook

-Get more people in my family to take a DNA test

-Continue meeting amazing people at every turn

Again, thank you all for a spectacular 2019. Happy New Year!


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