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#BravoGenealogy: When You Google Mary Cosby-Part II

In my last Mary Cosby #BravoGenealogy post, I discussed her actual maiden name and how I was able to locate her yearbook photos. With her cousin, Dan, sharing more information on the family in a new interview on Sharrell's World and Mary's mother and stepfather telling their story on Up and Adam Live, I felt it was definitely time for another post discussing Mary's family tree, or as I like to describe in these situations, a tumbleweed.

How are Dan Cosby and Mary Cosby related?

Mary's cousin Dan on the latest installment of Sharrell's World.

Mary's cousin, Dan Cosby, is her maternal first cousin. His mother, born Deborah Kay Walton, and Mary's mother, Rosalind Elaine Walton, are sisters. Mary tried to deny her relationship to Dan live on Twitter Spaces, but facts are facts and Dan confirmed this on Sharrell's World.

Rosalind and Deborah Walton, 1967 yearbook photos from West High School in Salt Lake City.

There's yet another connection though. For many of us Bravo sleuths, two obituaries have been instrumental in constructing Mary's tree. One is the obituary of Mary's grandmother, Rosemary Redmon Cosby aka Mama Cosby. The other is the obituary of Mama Cosby's adopted son/biological grandson through daughter Pamela, Demetrius Cosby. "Danny Cosby" is listed as a first cousin, just like Mary (the obituary is long, so you can check out a transcript online here:

But what stumped me for awhile was the exact relationship between Mary and Dan. How is he a Cosby if Mary and Dan are related through their mothers?

The Utah marriage index was key here. Dan's mother Deborah married David L. Cosby on 29 January 1981 in Salt Lake City. This David is Dan's stepfather, but he either adopted Dan or Dan and his brother Joel adopted their stepfather's surname.

But who is David L. Cosby? According to this obituary of Robert Sr.'s mother, Dolores (Lowry) Cosby, Robert has a brother, David.

Obituary for Robert Sr.'s mother. Published 19 August 1974 in the Indianapolis Star.

Fortunately for me (us), Robert Sr.'s family seems to like a lot. I found several trees created by various Cosby family members, which point to the David who married Dan's mother being Robert Sr.'s brother. Therefore, not only are Mary and Dan maternal first cousins, Mary was also technically Dan's step-aunt.

Tumbleweed indeed. And I've only scratched the surface because THERE IS SO MUCH MORE. Stay turned for Part 3.


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