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My New[s] Obsession: GenealogyBank

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I've known about GenealogyBank for quite some time (and get emails regularly to join), but not until a recent project did I become hooked. For both my clients and #BravoGenealogy research, I am able to travel all over the United States and internationally from the comfort of my couch to find records, build trees, and locate relatives.

My favorite resource lately has been searching old newspapers. I have a subscription to and access to several newspapers through university databases. However, no site has it all, and I decided to expand my options and try out GenealogyBank. I was not disappointed!

How GenealogyBank greets me. I could just type in names all day!

First, I found a couple 1900 newspaper articles from the Saginaw News that gave me more information on Captain Lee's (#BelowDeck) great-grandfather. I shared them on my Instagram account, and they added more depth to who Benjamin Stammers was that can't really be captured in census or death records alone.

The Saginaw News
Two mentions of Benjamin W. Stammers, Captain Lee's 2nd great-grandfather, in The Saginaw News.

Another great find was an article about Daniel Henry Rickman, LeeAnne Locken's (#RHOD) 2nd great-grandfather whom I mentioned in my #BravoGenealogy feature of her family history What I loved about this article was that I could tell Daniel was definitely a character from my earlier research, and a newspaper article gave me some proof of that assessment. Mrs. Ella Rickman appears to have been Daniel's 2nd of four wives (not LeeAnne's 2nd great-grandmother who was the first wife).

Daily Nonpareil 1905
They don't make newspaper articles like they used to. From the October 6, 1905, issue of the Daily Nonpareil in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

I also decided to type in surnames in my own family tree and found this 1908 story from the Boston Herald about Annie Klane, married to a man, Morris Klane, to whom I'm sure I'm related, but not quite sure how yet (my biggest personal brickwall to be discussed in another post). My great-grandfather's sister (also named Annie) married Morris in later years, as the first Annie did survive this attack.

Boston Herald article
A dispute over a cow would be comical if this wasn't such a violent crime. Fortunately, she survived this attack.

Finally, and as a #RHOD bonus, I happened to find this gem of a photo from a marriage announcement for Momma Dee in The Dallas Morning News. Not only did finding the post confirm some things for me when researching the family, it officially hooked me on GenealogyBank!

Momma Dee, the blushing bride.


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