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Getting Animated with MyHeritage

I have always maintained that MyHeritage's history of innovation will likely catapult the company straight to the top in the coming years. Just yesterday, it was announced that the Israel-based genealogy company was acquired by U.S. equity firm for a reported $600 million.

Last year, MyHeritage introduced the ability to colorize photos with MyHeritage In Color™, and I had so much fun uploading old black-and-white photos of my family, which actually enhanced the quality and precision in some more blurry features.

My great-grandparents, Max (Menachem Mendel) and Goldie Chai Michelson. Taken around 1901. I can toggle back and forth to see black-and-white versus color.

But today, I learned that MyHeritage has outdone themselves. I received an email with information on the newest feature, Deep Nostalgia™. Not only can we colorize photos, we can animate them, too! I decided to try it out with a recent acquisition from my first cousin once removed who sent several photos of my paternal grandfather's family, including photos of my great-grandfather Simon (Shia) Rosenthal. I uploaded my great-grandfather's photo and was completely blown away. See for yourself.

What's amazing also is now that this is animated, I see my father's features in his paternal grandfather, something that didn't strike me before.

I should also add that this feature is currently free. According to the MyHeritage press release, it is "a freemium feature on MyHeritage. Users can animate several photos for free, regardless of the number of faces in the photo. Beyond that, continued use requires a subscription." I'm not really sure what that means yet practically speaking, but I have an account with MyHeritage and am not a paying subscriber. I primarily use the site for DNA matches, which I can access for free. And to be clear, this isn't any type of ad. I'm just completely blown away by this technology, and I'm sure many of you will be, too. Check it out for yourself.

Happy animating!


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