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#BravoGenealogy: When You Google Mary Cosby-Part III

As promised, here is the third installment digging into Mary Cosby's family tree. If you haven't yet, please read Part I and Part II for context! In my last post, I discussed how Mary was related to Dan Cosby as both a maternal first cousin, but also as his step-aunt because his mother Debbie married Robert Sr.'s brother, David.

Found this on the Hoosier State Chronicles site from the Indianapolis Recorder 26 August 1989.

I know this is already complicated, but I'm about to really make your head spin. Reading Mama Cosby's (Mary's grandmother) obituary, I was drawn to her mention of son-in-law, Darrell Cosby.

Excerpt from Mama Cosby's obituary in 11 Jan 1997 Indianapolis Star. Pamela Cosby is the daughter and Darrell Cosby is a son-in-law. Also notice "adopted daughter" Annie Lois Johnson, presumably the same individual mentioned in the recent interview with Mary's mother and stepfather in not so kind terms..

Pamela is the oldest child of Mama Cosby. She is the biological mother of Demetrius Tyrone Cosby (died in 1999, click here for the obituary) and based on how Demetrius's obituary reads, Samuel Cosby, both whom were adopted by Mama and Robert Sr. I could probably write an entire post on the genealogical trail left by Pamela (such as that Bunnell surname being the same as Mama Cosby's sister's married last name), but I wanted to focus on how she became a Cosby. Although Pamela seems to have been using the Cosby surname already in 1970s records, she married Darrell Cosby on 11 July 1988 in Salt Lake City.

The Western States Marriage Index is a special collection based at Brigham Young University and available at

In case you forget from my last post, Darrell Cosby is Robert Sr.'s brother.

Obituary for Robert Sr.'s mother. Published 19 August 1974 in the Indianapolis Star. Darrell is listed right after Robert.

Samuel Cosby, mentioned above as Pamela's likely biological son and Mama and Robert Sr.'s adopted son, is also a significant player in this tumbleweed. As a refresher, Mary's mother is Rosalind and she married her stepfather, Mark Cazares, in 1985. Mark has a sister, Mia. Mia married Samuel Cosby in 1990.

Excerpt of marriage record for Samuel Cosby and Mia Cazares found on Mama Cosby officiated.

I've been asked for a visual of all these relationships several times, and I finally took a stab at illustrating the family relationships. Not all the children are mentioned (e.g., Mama Cosby had another son, Ernest Jr.), but I have depicted the main characters of this confusing family tree in a diagram. Hope it helps!


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