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The DNA Reunion Project @ CJH Is HERE!

This past week has been quite the adreneline rush! After months and months of planning and anticipation, we launched the DNA Reunion Project at the Center for Jewish History on Giving Tuesday!

Within hours, the Associated Press had published an article about the project, and news spread internationally at a level I could have never imagined, with hits on ABC News, Fox News, AOL, Yahoo, major newspaper publications...simply everywhere. Several news outlets have also reached out to us, and so far, I've shared the project with my hometown news station and Russian Television International (my first experience with an interpreter on live news!), with a couple more already scheduled for next week.

The AP News article that made international news.

The article going viral has also resulted in the DNA Reunion Project @ CJH inbox "dinging" regularly over the past few days with hundreds of survivors and their children interested in receiving a free commercial DNA test and learning more about this pilot program. Reading hundreds of harrowing Holocaust stories has been incredibly sobering, but it's also highlighted that the demand here is great and it's a mitzvah we need to meet.

As this is a pilot program, we depend on the generosity of others to make it a permanent fixture. Please consider donating to the cause: For context, about $100 buys a commercial DNA kit. $10 might be responsible for a record that needs to be ordered. Every dollar counts, and we greatly appreciate everyone who has helped us along this path already.

Stayed turned for more exciting news about the DNA Reunion Project at the Center for Jewish History!


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