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Finding Holocaust Survivor Jackie Young's Biological Father

I've been pretty quiet on the blog this summer, but I promise I have a good reason! This past week during the 42nd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy where I presented live and pre-recorded three talks (all which kept me pretty busy this summer!), the Times of Israel released a story that discusses one of the most meaningful cases in my career. You can read it here:

My partner and fellow genetic genealogist, Jennifer Mendelsohn, and I independently read a Times of Israel story that described a recent episode of the BBC's "DNA Family Secrets," in which Holocaust survivor Jackie Young was searching for the identity for his biological father. Based on our niche expertise, Jennifer and I jumped at the chance to help Jackie, and the results were able to bring him some closure.

If you are or know a Holocaust survivor looking for information on biological family, please don't hesitate to reach out. These cases are top priority.


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